CDT Selfie Video


SpiceRack and I started hiking the CDT well over a year ago and were riding the Divide between Montana and Idaho at this point last year.  There were so many miles left to go, so much left to see.  Some days, it feels like a veeery long time ago, and maybe a year really is a veeery long time.  The world has certainly done its fair share of changing since then.  Less often, when I’m looking at pictures or staring at the CDT map on the wall, it feels very close.  This can be comforting or unsettling depending on the day.

2020 is a big, depressing dump of a year, but aside from the global pandemic, the painful issues we are dealing with today have been present for a long time now.  Nostalgia is awesome, but it is dangerous, and sometimes I remind myself that the ‘good ole days’ weren’t as purely good as I remember them to be.

The same is true for hiking, but here I give myself leeway to focus on the good stuff.  The CDT was hard – I’m glad it was – yet I can afford to focus on the fun stuff.  I put this video together to do just that.  2019 wasn’t perfect, the CDT wasn’t perfect, but five months hiking undeniably qualifies as the good ole days.


3 thoughts on “CDT Selfie Video

  1. AWESOME VIDEO Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us. Jane Go…

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  2. Charles Eigenbrot August 10, 2020 — 5:12 pm

    Well done my son.


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  3. Wow this vid was great. Love your writing and your pics ❤


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