Eastern Continental Trail 2022

So yeah, this is pretty much the same page as the Appalachian Trail 2022 page except that it includes the content of everything beyond Katahdin as well as the AT daily posts. That makes this the. best. place. to come for an organized list of everything related to the HomeSpice Eastern Continental Trail (ECT) adventure. Links to published blog posts are listed below, and fresh ones will flow onto the homepage as quickly as my fingertips can tap them out.

If you missed the original introduction to the ECT, then here is everythingsome of the stuff you might want to know:

This year, as part of the larger ECT journey, I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail (AT). Starting at Springer Mountain in North Georgia in February, I hiked north to Mount Katahdin in Maine, finishing in early June on Day 110. If you want to look at a map of my progress check out the Where Am I? page. If you’re curious about the gear that I’m using, I got you covered there too. Head over to my Gear page for the most up-to-date list of the stuff I am carrying.

Here are the blog posts:

AT Day 1 Springer Mountain
AT Day 2
AT Day 3
AT Day 4
AT Day 5

North Carolina / Tennessee:
AT Day 6
AT Day 7
AT Day 8
AT Day 9
AT Day 10
AT Day 11 Fontana Lake
AT Day 12
AT Day 13
AT Day 14
AT Day 15
AT Day 16
AT Day 17 Hot Springs, NC
AT Day 18
AT Day 19
AT Day 20
AT Day 21
AT Day 22
AT Day 23
AT Day 24
AT Day 25
AT Day 26
AT Day 27

AT Day 28 Damascus, VA
AT Day 29
AT Day 30
AT Day 31
AT Day 32
AT Day 33
AT Day 34
AT Day 35 Pearisburg, VA
AT Day 36
AT Day 37
AT Day 38
AT Day 39
AT Day 40 Daleville, VA
AT Day 41
AT Day 42 Glasgow, VA
AT Day 43
AT Day 44
AT Day 45 Waynesboro, VA
AT Day 46
AT Day 47
AT Day 48
AT Day 49
AT Day 50 Front Royal, VA
AT Day 51

West Virginia:
AT Day 52 Harper’s Ferry, WV
AT Day 53

AT Day 54
AT Day 55

AT Day 56
AT Day 57
AT Day 58 Boiling Springs, PA
AT Day 59 Duncannon, PA
AT Day 60
AT Day 61 Port Clinton, PA
AT Day 62
AT Day 63 Palmerton, PA
AT Day 64
AT Day 65

New Jersey:
AT Day 66 Delaware Water Gap, PA
AT Day 67

New York:
AT Day 68 Unionville, NY
AT Day 69
AT Day 70 Hudson River, NY
AT Day 71

AT Day 72
AT Day 73

AT Day 74 Salisbury, CT and Great Barrington, MA
AT Day 75
AT Day 76 Dalton, MA and Cheshire, MA

AT Day 77
AT Day 78 Bennington, VT
AT Day 79
AT Day 80
AT Day 81
AT Day 82 Rutland, VT
AT Day 83

New Hampshire:
AT Day 84 Hanover, NH
AT Day 85
AT Day 86
AT Day 87 Lincoln, NH
AT Day 88
AT Day 89
AT Day 90
AT Day 91
AT Day 92 Pinkham Notch, NH
AT Day 93 Gorham, NH

AT Day 94
AT Day 95 Grafton Notch, ME
AT Day 96
AT Day 97
AT Day 98 Rangeley, ME
AT Day 99 Stratton, ME
AT Day 100
AT Day 101 Kennebec River, ME
AT Day 102
AT Day 103 Monson, ME
AT Day 104
AT Day 105
AT Day 106
AT Day 107 Abol Bridge, ME
AT Day 108
AT Day 109
AT Day 110 Mount Katahdin, ME
AT Day 110 – Continued

Northern Maine: (beginning of the International Appalachian Trail)
ECT Day 111
ECT Day 112
ECT Day 113
ECT Day 114 Houlton, ME
ECT Day 115
ECT Day 116
ECT Day 117

New Brunswick, Canada:
ECT Day 118
ECT Day 119
ECT Day 120
ECT Day 121 Saint-Quentin, NB
ECT Day 122
ECT Day 123 Kedgwick, NB
ECT Day 124
ECT Day 125 Cambellton, NB

Quebec, Canada:
ECT Day 126
ECT Day 127
ECT Day 128
ECT Day 129 Amqui, QC
ECT Day 130
ECT Day 131 Matane Wildlife Preserve
ECT Day 132
ECT Day 133
ECT Day 134
ECT Day 135 Gaspésie National Park
ECT Day 136
ECT Day 137
ECT Day 138
ECT Day 139 Mont Saint-Pierre, QC
ECT Day 140
ECT Day 141
ECT Day 142
ECT Day 143 Grande-Vallée, QC
ECT Day 144
ECT Day 145
ECT Day 146 Forillon National Park
ECT Day 147 Cap Gaspé, QC

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