Tour du Mont Blanc

This July, I tackled the uber-famous TMB as a warmup for the also-famous Walker’s Haute Route.  Though I planned to do it solo, I linked up with another hiker on day 1, SpiceRack, who ended up being an awesome partner for the entire trail and then the Haute Route.  I started in Champex, then we hiked clockwise from there until reaching Argentière.  At this point I took a bus to Chamonix to meet up with my good friends Alamo (of PCT days 97 to 102 fame) and Gryllz (of the Bear variety) before beginning the aforementioned Haute Route.  Some overlap of these two treks allowed me to combine the two for the Argentière to Champex section.  Double credit!

This hike was definitely for days.  Around 10+.  This was my first experience in the Alps and it was cool to compare the scenery, weather, culture, and food with that of the Nepal Himalaya and my home ranges on the west(best) coast.  I hope the so-called “europeans” weren’t too freaked out by our hiker-trash ways.

Daily blog posts are buried on the homepage and can also be found below.  Final thoughts and photos will follow.  Bon voyage!


TMB Day 0 – Travel to the trail
TMB Day 1
TMB Day 2
TMB Day 3
TMB Day 4
TMB Day 5
TMB Day 6
TMB Day 7
TMB Day 8
TMB Day 9
TMB Day 10
TMB Day 11

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