Walker’s Haute Route

After Gryllz and Alamo joined SpiceRack and me in Chamonix along our swirl around the Mont Blanc massif on the TMB, we followed the exciting Walker’s Haute Route out of France and through the Swiss Alps until running smack into the Matterhorn near Zermatt.  It was incredible.  As an experienced armchair mountaineer of the highest caliber, this pilgrimage between two Meccas of climbing history and achievement kept me happy with mouth agape the whole way.  The great company and food kept me laughing and happy from start to finish.

After about two weeks, we were on a train from Zermatt to Geneva, exhausted, happy, and filled with bread, cheese, mayo, and Toblerone.  The plan worked.  A trip like no other.

The daily blog posts are all posted and are linked below along with the photo album for your convenience.  Bon Jovi!


Haute Route Day 1
Haute Route Day 2
Haute Route Day 3
Haute Route Day 4
Haute Route Day 5
Haute Route Day 6
Haute Route Day 7
Haute Route Day 8
Haute Route Day 9
Haute Route Day 10
Haute Route Day 11
Haute Route Day 12
Haute Route Day 13
Haute Route Day 14

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