Continental Divide Trail: 1 month out

Big news y’all!

A scary thought has been rattling around in my brain since before I even finished the PCT back in 2015, but there’s no denying it anymore.  This summer I’ll be dusting off my thru-hiking legs to hit the 3,100 mile Continental Divide Trail (CDT) with Spice Rack, of TMB/Haute Route fame.

But before I continue, save this important link for later.  It will make sense in a minute:

Similar to the PCT, the CDT runs from Canada to Mexico through some truly wild country and we are looking forward to drinking in this wildness for the roughly five months it will take to walk through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.  Since we’re going southbound (sobo) this time, our start date is impacted by snow levels in Glacier National Park, but we should be pounding the dirt/mud by early July at the latest.  Look for posts to start showing up here a little after that, à la my classic PCT blog, threeveweaver.  I am terrified, I am excited.  After four years, I guess it’s finally time to remind myself just how hungryalive this body can feel.  My heart is pounding and I feel more alive just envisioning it now.

But wait, there’s more!!!

Big City Mountaineers
Big City Mountaineers!
Big City Mountaineers!!!

Spice and I are partnering with the charity organization Big City Mountaineers in the hope that we can make a huge impact in the lives of the under-resourced youths that they support.  BCM does this by providing wilderness-based mentorship programs to teens in the form of camping and backpacking trips that might otherwise be out of reach.  Where I was fortunate to have the Boy Scouts to help nurture my nature, many have nothing.  It is BCM’s mission to fill that void.

Backpacking a loooooong way is an activity that Spice and I enjoy tremendously despite the lack of pizza, but we are asking for your help in make this journey about more than our own wanderlust.  Help us to spread the magic of spending time in nature to the kids.  We will be grateful for your contribution and support, but they may find something truly profound.  Maybe they’ll find themselves on a thru-hike of their own someday.


There is much more to say, but there are also many bags of beans to portion and pack into resupply boxes (seriously, like 30lbs of dehydrated refried beans).  Fortunately, everything I want to say is already said on our fundraiser website (  Please take a look and consider contributing or sharing if you have a chance.  We have set our fundraising goal at $6,000. Ambitious, but we are confident we’ll make it with the help of our community.  We will hike the CDT one step at a time and we will reach this target one friend at a time.  100% of donations goes straight to BCM.

Spice and I are juiced to have this opportunity and will appreciate any support you can provide immensely.  We’ll both be sharing on social media periodically in addition to my regular updates on this blog.  Please feel free to shoot us an email or follow us on Facebook or Instagram if you want more:

Instagram: @hikefordayz

Spice Rack:
Instagram: @tangertots

No burrito is safe.

❤ Threeve

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