SHR Gear

Here’s a list of the gear that I used on the SHR in 2021.  Click on a linked item to read my full review.  The bear canister killed my base weight, but that’s the price of cruising through the best mountains in the world.  Worth it.


What Description Weight (oz)
Insulated Jacket EE Torrid APEX jacket (Review) 7.3
Extra Socks Darn Tough Light Crew 2.1
Warm Hat SpiceRack Beanie 2.5
Gloves Seirus Gloves 3.6
Rain Jacket Sitka Vapor SD (Review)* 5.3
Wind Jacket Houdini Come Along Jacket (Review)* 4
Wind Pants Dance Pants 3.5
Sleep Leggings Nike Leggings 7.8

The Big Three:

What Description Weight (oz)
Shelter Zpacks Free Duo (Review)* 30
Sleeping Bag EE 20° Synthetic Enigma Quilt (Review)* 28.5
Sleeping Pad Thermarest Zlite Sol (Review)* 14.4
Backpack Arc’teryx Aerios 45 (Review)* 38


What Description Weight (oz)
Camera Sony RX-100 MII 10.1
Camera Extras Camera case+battery 3.9
Battery Anker 10,000mAh 6.7
Plug+Cord Anker plug+USB cord 1.4
Phone Moto G4 Plus w/ case 6.5
PLB Garmin InReach Mini 5
Headlamp Nitecore NU25 1
Solar Nekteck 21W (Review) 18.3


What Description Weight (oz)
Knife Mini Swiss Army knife 0.7
Water Filter Platypus Quickdraw (Review)* 3.7
Water Storage Bottle(smartwater or other) 0.4
Water Storage 2L Platypus Softbottle 1.3
Fire Bic lighter 0.7
Compass Suunto A-10 1.1
Wallet Money and Stuff 0.3
Maps Printed 11”x17” 3
Trowel Old plastic one 1.3
Bidet CuloClean (Review)* 0.5
Pack Liner Compactor bag 2.3
Cord 50ft 2mm nylon cord 3
Headnet Sea to Summit 0.9
Guardian Ganesh 0.5


What Description Weight (oz)
Bowl PB Jar 1.1
Spoon Wooden Spoon from CDT 0.3


What Description Weight (oz)
Tooth Hygiene paste+brush 1.5
Nerd Stuff retainer+case 0.8
Nail Clippers generic 0.6
First Aid Custom kit 1.8
Brace ACE bandage 1.8
Pills Vitamin I + other 0.8
Sunscreen Sun Bum 2.5
Bug Juice Sawyer Picaridan 3


What Description Weight (oz)
Bear Canister Garcia 44


total base weight 17lb 6oz

That base weight is kind of a bummer.  I’d feel a lot better about it if I didn’t need to carry a bear canister, but that’s the price of pristine Sierra high country.  It’s worth it.

Worn while hiking:

What Description Weight (oz)
Shoes Altra Timp 3 18
Socks Darn Tough Light Crew 2.1
Shorts Superfly Paisley Trunks 5.2
Shirt Backcountry Tahoe Hoody (Review)* 9
Hat CDT trucker hat 3
Sunglasses Suncloud Stand 1.1
Watch Coros APEX – 46mm 2
Mask REI mask 0.5
Trekking Poles GG LT5 Carbon Poles (Review)* 10.2 (pair)
* These items were provided to me free of charge in exchange for performance feedback.  It is both humbling and awesome to receive free gear, but my opinions are my own.  Bigly.
Affiliate Disclosure: In my on-going quest to avoid living comfortably and working in an office, I have incorporated affiliate links on this website where appropriate. If you make a purchase through these links, I might earn a few bucks at no additional cost to you. That's pretty cool, huh? You'll be like a modern-day Robin Hood, taking money from "The Man" and giving it to this hungry dirtbag. Burritos for all!

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