Here Come the Alps

Preparations are complete, I think.  Barring an alarm clock debacle, I will be on a plane to Geneva early tomorrow morning before taking a train to Champex where I finally get to start hiking in the Alps.  The Alps!  Wooo hooo.

Let’s see what all the fuss is about, huh?

Categories Alps, Europe, TMB, Tour du Mont Blanc

2 thoughts on “Here Come the Alps

  1. Holy smokes, young man! You’ve gone well beyond the PCT and your journey continues. Amazing.


  2. Was on a bike ride yesterday and thought about what you were up to, now I know. Great to see you living life and exploring everything you can. Was able to spend 5 months hiking/camping/and alot of beer drinking in ID,CO,WY last year. Will have to catch up somtime..
    Safe travels!!
    Paul V …aka Grinder (Not the dating site)


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