CDT Prep and Planning on Cicerone Extra


An article I wrote six weeks ago for the online publication Cicerone Extra about my prep and planning for the Continental Divide Trail has just been published online. It’s about as general as an article of this nature can be, but I think it is still a useful introduction to the planning process. If this is a mystery to you, maybe give it a read. I learned something when I reread it yesterday. Feel free to let me know if there are any other things you’d like to know.

The article is here:


2 thoughts on “CDT Prep and Planning on Cicerone Extra

  1. Awesome work dude! It’s really cool to see your writing being published. I learn something new every time I read an article from you.

    How’s that chopped toothbrush holding up?

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    1. Thanks, brochacho. The toothbrush is doing just fine, but it seems like I get a little more finger in my mouth than I’m used to when I go for the back molars. ¡Mucho sabor!


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