CDT Day 40

CDT Day 40 — August 4
Zero in Idaho Falls
F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Camp

Miles hiked: 0
Total miles: still 654.7

Zero day in Idaho Falls. That’s it and that’s all.

Slept in until 8am. Ate peanut butter and corn nuts when the three dudes went out for breakfast. Got some writing and internet chores done. Watched some comedy with SpiceRack. That was the morning. As little movement as possible.

I slipped on my Crocs to join Spice on a resupply run to Walmart at around noon. The half mile walk was hot. The Snake River did some cool looking things through the center of town. We stopped at Subway for some massive sandwiches first, so that we wouldn’t be hungry while buying groceries, which is a dangerous game.

Unfortunately we each still took a cart, another no-no of resupplying.  Without feeling the weight of a basket in one’s arms, it is much too easy to buy way too much food. And so we bought a ton of food, like way too much, for the next section and the next few days off trail. Fortunately, the shopping carts did not have wheel locks so we pushed our bounty all the way home.

Waaaaay too much food. Or is it enough?

I spent a couple of hours at the grody laundromat, then returned once more to the loft, full hiker party in swing. Empty pizza boxes, a couple cans of beer, dice on the table, and sleeping people on all the couches and beds. No one goes as hard as hikers on a zero day. Sorry I missed it.

Not a lot of clothes. A lot of dirt.

We all laid out and compared our resupplies, trying to learn from one another.  They turned out surprisingly different, but there is more than one way to peel a carrot. We then shared a dinner of pasta, tacos, and salad. Mexalian. All classy like. To bed, later than usual, fuller than usual, more comfortable than usual. If only we didn’t have to hike…

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