CDT Day 41

CDT Day 41 — August 5
Wedding zero day in the Winds
Wedding Camp

Miles hiked: 1
Total miles: 655.7

Not much hiking today, though the crew covered some serious ground using the power of a rental car. It wasn’t always a sure thing, but we made it to the hikertrash wedding and had a great time.

I was up at 7am, super hungry, so I ate a bunch of cereal, and a banana, and more cereal. The three dudes left to again find a hearty breakfast in town. Spice and I cooked up hash browns and veggie sausage for ourselves, then began cleaning the incredible mess that five hikers can make in a day. It wasn’t as bad as it looked actually.

Kicked onto the wild streets of Idaho Falls at checkout time. Now where is that rental?

The rental car was late picking us up, but we still had margin to make it to the wedding on time so no harm, no foul, especially considering the upgrade they gave us as compensation. It was going to be a tight, nasty ride with five hikers and our packs, but now we were riding in style. Rooster drove like a champion, Crunchberry navigated. We covered the incredible distance to the Wind River Range in about four and a half hours, pulling into the group campsite with plenty of time to spare. The views on the way in have me super excited to hike through the area about three weeks from now.

Drive Rooster, drive!

About 30 hikers assembled after a short walk to a lake for the ceremony. Short and sweet, Trail Bride and Copenhagen are now husband and wife. Congrats!

Crunchberry at the site of the ceremony. Peace, y’all.

Then the party commenced. Food, beer, champagne, more food. Some attendees had heard about the wedding that day and hiked up to 30 miles to make it in time. Others like us, drove from somewhere else on trail. Still others who didn’t know about it at all, filtered in throughout the evening. That was the genius of putting it on trail.

My party game has diminished dramatically from its peak, so I couldn’t hang on any later than usual. To bed for one more good night of rest before getting back on trail. This was a really cool event and I’m glad we made the effort to make it. Congrats again, you two. Thanks for letting me be a part of the special day.

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