CDT Day 45

CDT Day 45 — August 9
Deadman Lake
to Red Conglomerate Overlook
Mud Boots Camp
to Milky Way Camp

Miles hiked: 20
Total miles: 729.3

Extending ourselves yesterday took its toll, keeping the energy and mileage low today. The terrain was relatively easy as the Divide flattened in between two ranges of the Beaverheads, but both SpiceRack and I felt foggy in the mind and groggy in the body. We did our best, crawling to 20 miles before calling an early halt when the views got too good.

Grade-A sPUD.

A big climb directly out of camp was kept reasonable by gentle switchbacks and low clouds. I was in and out of these clouds along a ridge of grade-A sPUDs for a few miles before leaving the hills completely to traverse a wide valley of brown grass and cow poop. Crunchberry, Rooster, and eventually Spice accompanied me across then up the other side. I was grateful for the heavy cloud cover and breeze, which kept the temperature walking friendly.

This valley is wide.

Spice and I investigated a pit of bison bones next to an inactive tofu mine, then blitzed an open ridge walk, dodging NOBOs and examining the flashes of lightning below the large storm to the north.

A pit? What is in this pit?
Bison bones are in this pit.

The highlight of the day was also the lowlight. During this fantastic piece of walking, Spice described in great detail her fantasy of a bean and cheese burrito. Hot, gooey, melty, messy, beany. I was all in, lost with her in a world of sabor, contrasting textures and flavors, far away from the culinary blandness of my thru-hiking menu. It was a delightful get away, but the return to reality was brutal. No hot, gooey burrito. Just a pile of bars and nuts to satiate my ravenous hunger.

No gooey burritos in sight.

We yardsaled our wet gear after catching up with the three dudes at lunch. Storms passed all around, but let us have the sun. Spice and I fell behind through an intimate valley at the foot of Garfield Peak, low on energy and motivation. We made it to an scenic overlook of the poetically named Red Conglomerate Peaks and pitched the tent even though it was only 7pm.

Red Conglomerate Peaks, probably some kind of red conglomerate.

Can couscous provide me the revival I need? That answer and more tomorrow.

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