CDT Day 47

CDT Day 47 — August 11
Modoc Ridge
to I-15(Lima, MT)
Sunset Ridge Cowboy Camp
to Frozen Dew Trespass Camp

Miles hiked: 10
Total miles: 759.3

Town vortexes can be difficult to avoid. Lima isn’t much of a town, no disrespect, but the vortex was still strong. SpiceRack and I hoped to make it in, then out with time to spare for hiking and we didn’t quite pull it off. Still, I can’t complain about the scenery and friendly folk I had the pleasure of spending time with. And laundry. It’s good to have clean(ish) clothes again.

Cowboy camping rules.

Sunrise from the ridge was short-lived. We saw the sun clamber above the distant horizon, bathing us in orange glow that was warmer to see than feel, before being sucked higher into a low ceiling of cloud a minute later. Five minutes after that, we were in the cloud too as it descended to engulf our ridge. That got us up in a hurry and hiking fast to stay warm.

You had your sunrise, now have your cloud.

Finishing off the ridge was easy work, though my cold knees felt a little crunchy before warming up. Soon we were out of the cloud again, Spice on the Montana side of the fence, me in Idaho. A few miles and a fence climb later, we were both on a dirt road, looking at a flat seven miles to town.

6 miles? Psh, it’s 7 for sure.

We picked up another hiker on our way, Wallace, who frustrated me by eating not one, but two tortillas filled with peanut butter, chocolate chips, and honey while we made our acquaintances. Just cruel and unfair treatment to make me watch that.

Though the wind blasted in our faces, we made it to I-15 in time for the 11:30am shuttle into Lima. Crossing under the interstate, I was reminded of the tunnel under the very same one on the PCT four years ago. A long way away, time, space, and personally.

Wow, would you look at that sky.

Lima had just enough to keep me alive. Jan’s Diner had little to offer that didn’t include meat, eggs, or dairy, so hash browns and fries it was. The gas station was lacking in just about everything except for overpriced Clif Bars, but I’ll make it to the next resupply on a heavy dose of peanut butter and chia seeds. Laundry was fast and mostly effective, the steakhouse had a good salad. Crunchberry, Rooster, Pine Stick, Jackrabbit, and Wallace were the hikers keeping it real.

Probably too late to be leaving town hoping for a free ride.

Around 8:30pm, later than expected, Spice and I headed to the onramp to try hitching back to the trail. It was a long shot, but it would make a big difference tomorrow even if we didn’t get any more hiking miles in. We invented games to pass the time. Few cars passed, zero offered a ride. As sunset faded to dusk, we hopped the log fence of Lima Peaks Ranch and set up to cowboy camp. Eh, we tried. Maybe, better luck tomorrow. Maybe after breakfast at the diner.

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