CDT Day 60

CDT Day 60 — August 24
Hwy 26 (Dubois, WY) to Random yurt
Church Hostel Camp
to YOLO Yurt Camp

Miles hiked: 2.7
Total miles: 1013.8

Sometimes you find an unexpected, empty yurt in the woods. Sometimes that definitely means that you will sleep in the yurt. That is exactly what happened today. SpiceRack and I had a short day planned anyway, and we couldn’t pass up this fat slice of serendipity. You only live once, after all.

Yada yada yada, town stuff happened. Up around 7:30am after a fitful night of sleep. I moseyed over to the coffee shop where Spice was singing high praises for her pumpkin spice latte. I paid too much for avocado toast at a different café. We wrote postcards and handled residual internet chores. We packed up at the church, then headed back to the Cowboy Café for another delicious vegan burger.

The early morning scene at the church.

We were reluctant to leave charming Dubois, but one needs to hike on a thru-hike. We caught an easy hitch with a nice dude driving the messiest Jeep the world has ever seen, and were soon, maybe too soon, back on the trail.

Actually, it was a dirt road. One that we’ll be on for a short while. Whatever. We were thinking about six miles would be just fine, but then we saw it, just under three miles from the road. We’d suffered a crushing yurt disappointment north of Helena a month ago, so we were thrilled to feel the door push open with little encouragement. Queen bed, two bunks, a table, wood burning stove, and a few chairs, all dappled with a healthy dose of mouse poop. Home.

We put on Taylor Swift’s brand new album, Lover, and scrutinized our brand new set of paper maps. Spoiler alert: there’s some awesome looking stuff coming up. Sky dancing followed by a dinner of wheat thins took us all the way to bed time.

The maps by J. Ley have some pretty informative notes. Good to be carrying paper again. #spicepic

We agreed that we will hike 34 miles tomorrow to make up for the short day today. Huh, that sounds like a lot. Too late to change now. YOLO!

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