CDT Day 81

CDT Day 81 — September 14
Fishhook Lake
to Rabbit Ears Pass (Steamboat Springs, CO)
Ultramarathon Camp
to Big Agnes Camp

Miles hiked: 5.5
Total miles: 1443.7

A quick stop in and town turned into an overnight with the help of some friends and free camping. A mini vortex got us this time, but it was worth it.

The dudes were gone by the time SpiceRack and I got up and packing. It was amazingly cold, somewhere in the 20s, and it was tough to motivate, especially in the dark trees. I started hiking in my rain jacket for warmth just behind Spice for the short push to Rabbit Ears Pass.

Tough to motivate. #spicepic

An aid station was setting up for a 50 mile race, with plentiful snacks and bumping music. The sun was warm on a gorgeous walk around a large meadow to Dumont Lake campground. The smell of every yummy breakfast food wafted to fill our nostrils, motivating us to hike faster and be hungrier.

Hiking fast towards good smells at Dumont Lake.

We caught an easy hitch to Steamboat Springs at the pass and got dropped off at the first breakfast place we could find. The vegan selection wasn’t great, but we left full and happy.

Boring town stuff happened next. Gear at the gear shop, free socks at the visitor center, burrito at the Mexican place, and resupply at the Safeway. Crunchberry and Rooster caught us while we were getting coffee and made a compelling case for us to stay for the night. Either we walk 12 more miles along a highway in the heat of the day, or stay in town. It worked. Town it is!

Crunchberry and Rooster make a compelling case. This is what getting vortexed looks like. #spicepic

I stuck at Starbucks to get some work done while the others headed downtown for some food and brews. I learned a lot about an intriguing treasure hunt from a guy visiting from San Antonio, up for the week searching for it. Then the power went out and I got kicked out of Starbucks. That’s a first.

The entire town outside was dark. No obvious or forthcoming explanation from the police who were directing traffic. I found the others finishing dinner, then we went to find some natural hot springs. They were disappointingly luke warm, so we went to bed instead.

The lights go out for everyone except the hot springs and moon.

We’re camped on the lawn at the Big Agnes factory store just off the main drag. Apparently this is okay as long as we’re gone in the morning. That shouldn’t be an issue. Time to hike.

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