CDT Day 94 and 95

CDT Day 94-95 — September 27-28
zero days in Denver
Bros Haus Camp

Miles hiked: 0
Total miles: still 1634.8

We ate a lot of things during our two days in Denver. Yummy things. So yummy that I took zero pictures in two days. But most importantly, SpiceRack made it to Denver Health to get some tests done and see a doctor for her persistent gut issue. She feels good about the visit and we’re both optimistic about the outcome. With ample sleep as well and a clear weather forecast, I think this next Colorado section is gonna be good.

The heat and noise of the city made sleep a little less restful than usual, but I got to sleep in as long as I wanted, so that made up for it. We didn’t wait too long however, to get a move on to the urgent Care clinic at Denver Health, trying to beat the waiting room lines.

In short, the visit went super well. Lots of friendly nurses and doctors actually listened and seemed to genuinely do the best they could for Spice. A bunch of tests and an IV bag took up the majority of the morning, and she left with a prescription for a one shot gut bomb. The nuclear option. It will take care of any nasty gut bug including giardia within a few days.

The only picture from Denver. Eating doughnuts on the sidewalk. #spicepic

We picked up groceries along with the pills at Safeway, then got doughnuts (vegan), then headed home for rest and eating. Chickpea tuna, shows on Netflix, a call with my parents, and another shower. That busy schedule took us until evening when we went out for dinner with my brother and his girlfriend at a hip joint near the capital building. The place was noisy, but the food was excellent. Waffles, for dinner!?!

Back at home, Spice and I faded fast. I managed to watch a touch of baseball with my brother before turning in to sleep and digest.

The next day went about the same, minus the hospital visit. We slept in, then ate a lot. A visit to the post office gave us little more to think about than we expected, but we think we made the right on-the-fly decisions. Our bounce box from Grand Lake never made it, so we needed to finagle a little bit.

The weather was sunny and hot, a welcome change from the sunny and windy in the mountains. I sweated on the short, flat walk back home. Laundry, watching Netflix, and eating more chickpea tuna melts took up the afternoon and evening. Not a lot of hard work, but I was exhausted by the time 9pm rolled around regardless.

Last night in Denver, back to hiking tomorrow. I think I’ll be ready, but this rest has been incredible. Making up for many lazy weekends not taken on the trail. Hopefully those pills work for Spice. She’s been grinding for so long now and deserves to feel like herself again. She’ll start crushing.

P.S. Spice gives a big fat thank you hug to Constance, Naomi, Dr. Tomberg, and the awesome EMT who drew her blood painlessly. Y’all rule!

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