CDT Day 115

CDT Day 115 — October 18
snow day in Pagosa Springs, CO
Motel SOCO Snow Day Camp

Miles hiked: 0
Total miles: still 1984

Remember those clouds yesterday that looked like an indicator of a shift in the weather? Yeah, those high gray ones. Turns out the weather was shifting and that SpiceRack and I made it to town just in time. The original plan was to hike out in the afternoon and make a strong start on the last stretch before New Mexico. The weather had different plans. A snow day in Pagosa Springs.

I didn’t sleep great, but well enough to wake up for good at 6:30am. I started perusing the internet on my phone in the darkness and taking care of business (tcob). Around 7am it began raining off and on. Hard. That didn’t discourage me completely though. The forecast was calling for a little snow in the mountains so I wasn’t surprised about a little rain in town. The system was predicted to move out in the early afternoon, hopefully leaving enough time for the sun to melt some snow before we climbed into it.

Hmmmm. Webcam shot of the trail. Snow day!!!

That all sounded great and even believable until I saw the text from Rooster. He and Crunchberry were in town as well with a similar plan, but he told me to check out the ski area webcam. Inches of snow, not a dusting, were already on the ground and more was coming down fast. It was a beautiful sight to behold, but obviously made me question some things. Can we hike in that? Even if it stops snowing now? I don’t think the sun can melt that much snow this afternoon. Zero day? Can we afford to take the time off?

Spice woke up a bit later and we decided to wait until after breakfast to make a decision, but it was an easy choice in the end. Take a snow day in Pag-town.

Clearing up in Pag-town. Still storming in the mountains.

It hailed and dumped rain off and on all morning. We even had some thunder. I was exceptionally grateful to be under a roof in a room with a heater and a pile of food. It kept snowing on the trail. Around 2pm it cleared up enough for us to stretch our legs and tackle some chores. Spice struggled in the spread out town to do laundry and buy Thai food. I chilled at the library and made a few phone calls. Walking back to the motel around 5pm, I looked to the mountains to see what I could see. A cloud still perched on top of the peaks, but some snowy slopes were visible and gleaming. A beautiful sight for anyone but us. There was a lot of snow up there. Even waiting until tomorrow to hike, we would need to deal with it.

That’s the trail, up there in the snowy mountains. Beautiful.

But that was an issue for tomorrow. Right now, the biggest problem we had was figuring out how to get pizza and pad thai delivered in a town with zero delivery restaurants. Of course there was a solution. This is America after all, so where there is a need, there is someone to take your money in exchange for what it is you are looking for. George, the local taxi guy, picked up and delivered food from two restaurants to our door for a reasonable charge. George, helping us gorge (#spicewrites).

Let the gorging begin!

Soon, SpiceRack and I were buried under a pile of garlic knots and noodles. We barely made a dent before growing groggy with our efforts and calling it a night. I had to shower before falling asleep. Garlic sweats.

So that’s it and that’s all. An unplanned, but excellent zero day while it snows in the mountains. We’re not sure what to expect on the trail tomorrow, but the forecast looks clear. Cold and windy for the next few days, but clear. We only have the tail end of the mountains left to go. Just 60 miles to the New Mexico border. The weather knows no borders, but the looming weather threat should end around there. A burden I will be happy to leave in Colorado. Just 60 more miles… and a huge portion of garlic knots.

2 thoughts on “CDT Day 115

  1. Pictures are self-explanatory. Warm tasty food is like an embrace of God after being kind of deprived of the chance to indulge a little bit in simple pleasures of this bodily life. wow it is either a good taxi driver or a really bad taxi driver =D two extremes !


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