CDT Hike Statistics


Happy new year y’all!  Started planning your thru-hike of the CDT yet?

This post doesn’t have any juicy post-hike revelations, but the stat-heads out there might find something interesting here.  I’ve compiled a pretty sweet spreadsheet of CDT hike statistics including average mileage, total elevation change, highest weekly mileage, number of zeros/neros, longest time between showers and laundry, number of nights under a roof, and more!  I think there is some seriously cool stuff here, but maybe it’s just me.  There are even a few charts to pretty it up a bit.

DSC06186 - Version 2
Woooo hoooo, spreadsheets rule!

The Excel file(below) has six(6) tabs arranged in order of decreasing user-friendliness: Insights, Charts, Stats, Resupply Options, Resupply Strategy, and Gear Weight.  Have a click through if you like.  Insights, Charts, and Stats reflect the actual miles hiked this year on the CDT.  The final three tabs are SpiceRack and my pre-hike scratch work and, thus, do not match perfectly with the actual hike.  If you have any questions about the data or would like to know a specific statistic that isn’t already included, then leave a note via comment or email.  I’m sure I’ve overlooked something.

So here it is: CDT Statistics

And also, there’s another hiker who compiles data from annual thru-hiker surveys for the PCT and CDT.  It includes hiker demographics, total hike cost, favorite towns, favorite gear, completion percentage, and stuff like that.  The 2019 CDT Hiker Survey, which includes input from SpiceRack, Rooster, Crunchberry, and me just came out.  These results are probably more interesting than my spreadsheet so check ’em out.

All the best, dear readers.  Keep on rockin’.

❤ Threeve, AtHome, Owen, whatever

2 thoughts on “CDT Hike Statistics

  1. well I guess I am headstat given that Ive spent >1h. navigating through all the stats. Link and spreadsheet.
    Thank you. Ill be here with you on the next one.

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    1. Easy to get lost in all that data isn’t it!

      Liked by 1 person

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