CDT Photos: Southern Montana / Idaho

Here’s the next installment of my CDT photo album. This one includes some terrific scenery along the Montana/Idaho border that is unlike any other hiking I’ve done. The views are endless out there, and the sky so wide. The wildlife (and cows) outnumbers humans, and it’s not even close.

By the time SpiceRack, Rooster, Crunchberry, and I were gripping tightly to every shred of warmth as Southern Colorado flowed into New Mexico, the memories of big sky country and the daily cloud drama were over 1,000 miles away, pushed out of mind by an overload of beauty and struggle. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed digging them up. Maybe it’s just the nostalgia speaking, but looking through these pictures, I can’t get over just how sweet it was out there on this section of the CDT. Here’s to long days of endless ridgelines, sometimes on trail, often with no trail in sight, and maybe (just maybe) a glorious switchback or two.

Southern Montana and Idaho:
Mile 431 to 909
Day 29 to 54
Anaconda, MT to Old Faithful Village, Yellowstone NP
141 photos

Click the circled “i” (top right) for photo descriptions if you want.

Bone Appetite.

1 thought on “CDT Photos: Southern Montana / Idaho

  1. Charles Eigenbrot October 28, 2020 — 9:46 pm

    Sunset Teton Camp Day 49 wins my vote for #1. You can feel calm satisfaction from a day well spent, combined with awe.



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