CDT Photos: Wyoming

Remember remember, the days in Wyoming.

I think there is a strong argument for calling this state the most diverse of the CDT. Thermal wonders and large lakes in Yellowstone give way to some incredible cliffy stuff with views west to the serrated Tetons. Then you get the granite spires, glaciers, and glacier-carved valleys of the Wind River Range before losing the mountains in a blink. In just a few days, there isn’t a sharp point on the horizon in any direction, because… the Great Basin. It feels closer to Africa, antelope and all, than Montana and it really gives the perspective of distance to walk between such fundamentally different environments. The desert in Wyoming never made sense to me, although I loved it, and by the time we crossed into Colorado, all was right again. The Continental Divide regrouped. Mountains stretched across the horizon once more.

Wyoming is also notorious in my mind for playing host to some of the great drama of SpiceRack’s and my thru-hike. They say that “a picture tells a thousand words,” yet the stories are lost in these pictures, for better or worse. The objective beauty of the Winds is undeniable, but I will never forget how the physical rollercoaster, starting from Knapsack Col , turned into an emotional ride after SpiceRack and I split on Day 66. I see that gut-punch etched into the soaring rock faces of the Cirque of the Towers.

I found my groove again the next day, just in time to hear that SpiceRack had lost her’s. She was waiting for me in Atlantic City, resting after enduring a terrible sickness and having her fully-loaded backpack stolen. She proved yet again how strong she is by making a remarkable recovery. We hiked out into the strange purgatory of the Basin the next day.

There are other stories too, that tumble into my mind when I look at these photos — power hiking to Taylor Swift, running for a lost sock. I treasure all of these memories, and, though they may be lost in the pictures, I hope that you can share in appreciating all of the diverse beauty in the great state of Wyoming. Without further ado:

Mile 909 to 1,443
Day 54 to 81
Old Faithful Village to Steamboat Springs, CO
150 photos

I recommend enjoying this album from the most comfortable seat you can find while eating a huge pizza (vegan). Just my opinion.

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